A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Which of your bros is the most pro? If coin flips, rock paper scissors, and extensive intellectual discourse doesn't solve the question, perhaps it's time to go old school.

Challenge your bros to three edge of your seat minigames to determine who truly is the best of your mates.


Bro-Mag Arena is a gamepad-only multiplayer game. Although you can play by yourself, it's no fun, so you'll probably want at least two or more gamepads/friends.

This game would not have been made possible without these awesome people:

Aidan Markham - Designer/Technical Artist

Noah Ratcliff - Designer/Lead Developer

Joshua McLean - Music

Mike Porter - VO Artist


BroMag 0.1.0.zip 15 MB
BroMag 0.1.0 Linux.zip 18 MB
BroMag 0.1.0 Mac.zip 18 MB


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Ayy gotta love the mac support!